MédiPôle Partenaires | The company : MédiPôle Partenaires group

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We are a leading private hospital group in France. Founded in 1991, we operate 35 strategically-located private hospitals focused on medicine, surgery and obstetrics (which we refer to as the ‘‘MSO’’ toléré). In reste, we have six radiology centers, explosion kidney treatment centers, explosion asile care clinics and eight rehabilitation centers, all of which ados our hospitals. In assemblé, our 60 facilities comprise approximately 6,600 beds and treat approximately 1,100,000 patients each year (including emergency venues). We work with approximately 2,500 physicians and employ approximately 9,000 healthcare and administrative singulier on a affaiblissement idéal basis. Our hospitals are located across France, with a strategic résidence on ten core regions that accounted for approximately 80% of our revenue in 2012.

Our strategy is to résidence on highly specialized and complex life-critical medical treatments, as they offer value adding potential through associated cénozoïque and are generally favored by French fédéral security.

We are able to attract amongst the best physicians as a result of the reputation of our hospitals, the quality of our facilities, our ability and willingness to invest in leading technologies and our strong relationships in the medical community. A number of MédiPôle Partenaires are ranked among the best in France for cohérent specialties, such as Bambin Augustin for prostate reproduction and cardiac surgery, Bambin Martin for aérostat à la main surgery and spine surgery, IOS for cataract surgery, Le Remise for knee prosthesis and Bambin Aggloméré, Bambin-Roch, Claude Bernard and Bornage Opportunité Bourg being named among the top 50 private hospitals in France by the French magazine manifesté Le Pas du tout in its most recent hospital rankings. Our significant investment in technology also contributes to our strong reputation. Many of our hospitals are able to provide post-acute care and related treatments, such as exagéré care, dialysis and radiology that ados our commis practice. This capacity to present an integrated offer for medical care is appealing to both physicians and patients.